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Valery Paschuk

Artistic Director

Was born in a year of Fire Horse under the sign of Leo, quite some time ago. Measurements: 90x60x90 (inner age x IQ x weight in pounds).

Professions in Russia: a security guard, a leader of a band, a director of an amateur theatre, a teacher, a director of a professional theatre, a director of advertisement, a director of TV programs, a stage artist, a private in Russian army, an art director of a Youth Studio, an editor, a TV host, a carpenter etc.

First education: a teacher of history and social studies. Got an education and worked as a teacher only because of my innate laziness and a lack of life purpose. Was very close to make a successful career, but stopped myself in time.

My first shy attempts to know on culture’s door are connected with rock-n-roll, which was dead soon after my birth. The first shadows of my artistic life purpose were noticed when I was trying myself as an actor in an amateur theatre. Directing was a conscious choice.

After the life purpose was defined, I had to decide what to do for a living. TV and commercials brought much more fame than money, however it allowed me to produce a few successful (and a few not so much successful) plays.

Immigrated to Canada, city of Calgary.

Professions in Calgary: assembly worker, office cleaner, delivery driver, paperboy, videographer, lighting and sound technician, director etc.

In Calgary, as soon as I arrived, I received quite a few semi-theatrical offers to organize, lead etc, none of which had any serious consequences, and I was open to taste all the bitters of immigrant’s life. For a guy with a family and lots of ambitions was quite a challenge (for reference go back to the list of professions in Calgary).

When the time had come to do a theatre, I met Maxim Ivanita, a producer and a founder of the Russian Theatre Calgary. The meeting took place in Starbucks February 30, 2007. Coffee was good, the conversation was pleasant, the decision to found a theatre was shaping up. We planned to cast actresses only topless and only late at night, however somehow this wasn’t realized (yet).

Was admitted to Mount Royal University, and in 2010 graduated from Technical Theatre Diploma Program.

Currently work as a director in the Russian Theatre Calgary, and also install a satellite TV in Alberta.

Life’s credo I took from a very old Russian joke: very-very slowly come down from a hill and take the whole cattle (please contact me for a detailed explanation).

Creative credo... I do have.

Productions I took part in as:

  • Actor:
    • Mandate by N. Erdman
    • The Suicide by N. Erdman
    • The wedding by M. Zoschenko
    • The Tale about Fyodor the Archer, a Great Fellow by L. Filatov
    • Live and Remember by V. Rasputin
    • Based on... by O’Henry
    • Death by W.Allen
    • Forbidden to the Public by Jean Marsan
  • Director:
    • No Exit by J.-P. Sartre
    • Blaise by K. Manie
    • Miriam by O. Yuriev
    • Love in Lottery by M. Berkie-Marine
    • Mamaklava by P.Morozov
    • Frenzy for Two by E. Ionesco
    • Forbidden to the Public by Jean Marsan
    • A Glass Menagerie by T. Williams
    • Karol by C. Mrozhek
    • Tiger by M. Schisgal
    • Mandate by N. Erdman
    • Oh Dad, Poor Dad... by A. Kopit
    • Pyjamas for Six by M. Kamoletti

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