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Igor Korovin


From a very young age Igor ‘fell’ for both a theatre and a stage, always participating in school and college’s performances. Then he became a part of an amateur theatre under Vladimir Tolokonnikov in Almaty, where he played quite a few successful roles, including a role of Pavel Gulyachkin in “Mandate”, a play of Nikolai Erdman, in 1987.

After immigrating to Canada, and settling in Calgary, he once again found his favourite hobby. He organized in his own basement an amateur theatrical studio, and with a help of like enthusiasts started to create a Theatre. The most successful Igor’s production was a play “A Tale about Fyodor, the Archer, a Great Fellow”, that was shown to Russian-speaking audience of Calgary on March 12th, 2007.

As soon as the Russian Theatre Calgary started to shape up, Maxim Ivanita and Valery Paschuk invited Igor to participate because of his popularity in Russian community. He was accepted for the role of the Officer in the first production of Russian Theatre Calgary “Miriam”. Remarkable Igor’s personality and his evident talent shined from the first table reads of the play, and the founders of the Theatre took a deep relaxing breath: the Theatre has happened. The first production was a long-awaited event by the Russian-speaking audience. The question: “will they make it?” was hanging in the air before the opening night. However, after the premier, there were no questions: the audience enjoyed not only the play, but
also the fact that there is a first Russian Theatre in Calgary. And of course a huge part of it was Igor, and his Officer.

In “Pyjamas for Six” (“Don’t Dress for Dinner”) Igor got a role of Robert, a shy accountant, who becomes more courageous and mischievous during the play. If “Miriam” was a tragicomedy, then “Pyjamas” was without a doubt a classic situational comedy. On every rehearsal, Igor’s appearance as Robert was always greeted with laughter, however Igor was trying something new at each rehearsal. After “Pyjamas for Six” premiered, public started to talk about Igor as a brilliant comedian.

In Chekhov’s play Igor has two roles, that are not only very different with each other, but also very different from everything Igor played before. This new challenge Igor took with his usual calm and level-headed manner, and started a hard and serious work.

Together with other actors Igor’s already thinking about the next production. He is one of the people, who knows for sure: The Theatre will be. He says: “I know many people, who come to me all the time and ask: “When is the next performance? We can’t wait”. Russian-speaking public needs our Theatre, because people here miss the Russian art, the Russian culture and the traditional Russian theatre, that took its roots from Stanislavsky. They like this kind of theatre, and every performance for them is a gift, is a holiday. I feel a huge responsibility on my shoulders, and I will give all my efforts so the audience, after every performance of ours, would start to anticipate the next”.

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