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Elena Schirova


Elena Schirova came to Russian Theatre Calgary to a play “Pyjamas for Six” by Mark Camoletti. Her portrayal of Jacqueline, a difficult role with multiple layers, was brilliant and received a high praise by both audience and critics.

Since childhood Elena was very active in amateur theatres and clubs, however after immigrating to Canada, she turn to art and became an artist: first art lessons, first paintings, it helped Elena to fill the void of lack of acting. When she found out about the Russian Theatre Calgary, and saw its production “Miriam” twice, Elena contacted the Theatre’s director Valery Paschuk asking to accept her to the Theatre. The first reading of Camoletti’s “Pygama” clearly showed that Elena and Jacqueline are made for each other, and the Russian Theatre Calgary got another star: Elena Schirova.

Now the troupe is rehearsing a new production based on three one-act plays by Anton Chekhov, and Elena once again is ready to rehearse day and night, just to make sure that all shades of her characters are included in the palette.

Elena is not only a talented actress, she is also a soul of Russian Theatre, its irreplaceable organizer. All performances, comedy shows, and simple get-togethers would not happen without her enthusiasm and unlimited loyalty to the Theatre. In the new production, Elena is not only rehearsing hard, she also carries a burden of a stage manager and administrator, two roles that are not yet fulfilled by any volunteers.

This is what Elena says: “There are people who love theatre; there are people who act or serve on the stage; and there are people who cannot live without the theatre”, - this pretty much expresses my opinion about the great and magical creation called “The Theatre”.

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