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Tamilla Ahmedova


Tamilla Ahmedova graduated from VGIK in Moscow Russia under supervision of internationally known Sergey Bondarcuk and Evgeniy Matveev.

Shortly after graduation she appeared in  Azhdar Ibragimov’s film “Cudak” as Ayten, in AzerbaijanFilm Studio, where she had the pleasure of working with stars I. Miroshnicenko, G. Grigoriy, H. Turabov.

Shortly after,  Tamilla was invited to play Dilbar, main character and the only female part in “Sluzha Otecestvu” in UzbekFilm Studio by another icon of soviet cinema Lyatif Fayziev.

Once again it was a privilege for Tamilla to meet and work with T. Spivak, M.Kuznetsov, D.Fayziev and others.


In her early twenties Tamilla moved to Canada and settled in Calgary.

Over the years she gained knowledge and experience in Retail industry, and used it in mostly management positions. She worked in an Art gallery, Jewellery industry and Ladies wear boutiques.


As an Arts Director for Azerbaijani community, she recently produced /directed on stage for New year’s event story  of a ”Big bad wolf and baby goats”, which resulted in a success. While working on this play, she had the pleasure of meeting Valera Pashuk, who asked Tamilla to assist the actors of his theatre with articulation and speech on stage, Tamilla without hesitation accepted the offer, and has been working with actors of Russian Theatre in Calgary on “Lyubov k tryom apelsinam” by L. Filatov.

Tamilla is excited to be part of the theatre once again.


Apart from theatre, Tamilla is operating a Construction company; doing renovations, additions, new construction etc. She is also offering business consulting services to small businesses

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