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Sergey Yermolayev


Sergey came to Calgary from Latvia in 2002. He is a web-developer by day, and musician and glider pilot in his spare time. Now he is an actor as well. Not being a professional actor, Sergey very quickly became an integral part of the acting team.  

The first role for Sergey was George in "Pajamas for Six" by Marc Kamoletti, where he had to cover for Maxim Ivanita. After the "Pajamas" was over, Theatre's director Valery Paschuk had offered Sergey to take part in the new production, and Sergey happily accepted the offer.

The next big play was the "The Night Before the Trial" by Anton Chekhov. Sergey got the main role and all performance was depending on the success of his acting. He coped with the task of expressing all the unusual and diversity of "Doctor" Zaitsev's character. Quoting Sergey: "All my previous stage experience was in role of a musician and singer. Here I was able to try it as an actor. Hopefully the audience appreciated my work. It was a really interesting and enjoyable experience".

There is a saying that talented people are talented in everything they touch, and Sergey is a living proof of that saying: he is not only a talented actor, but also a very talented musician. He plays drums as well as keyboards, guitar and harmonica. As a performer he was a part of such projects as "Daugavina", "Dvinsk", "A.V.A.T.A.R", "Ugol Ataki" and music festival "Acoustic" in Calgary. As a member of a band "Ugol Ataki", Sergey also performs as a singer.

His life credo is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

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