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Russian Theatre Calgary seeks YOUR support!

The main objective of our theatre is to preserve the Russian culture abroad and to revive a traditional Russian theatre, where audience could enjoy the theatrical performance and become a part of it by observing the most unexpected sides of human nature and feeling a wide range of emotions in a course of a play and after it ends.

Our theatre ensures continuity of Russian-speaking culture with all generations of Albertans by forming a special feeling of involvement in the Great Russian Theatre.

Russian Theatre Calgary is a not-for-profit organization that is run on a volunteer basis, our actors have talent and an amazing creative potential, all we need is your support!

Please consider coming onboard as a Sponsor to help in growth, development and promotion of Russian Theater in Calgary. Generosity of donors is vital to bridge the financial gap. Support from all individuals, who share a love of theatre and who appreciate the achievements of our organization, is essential to our ongoing success.

Russian Theatre Calgary kindly appreciates any support from our generous art patrons. All sponsors and their logos will be placed on all of our brochures, posters and flyers with words of appreciation. Furthermore, all the names of our sponsors, whose contributions helped bringing to life our new highly anticipated project will be announced in a foreword from the stage before the beginning of our performances.

We are all growing together. Help us continue to make Russian Theatre Calgary a great place to gather and celebrate our community. Every donation counts!

Contributions are gratefully accepted:

By mail: 61, 999 Canyon Meadows Dr. SW, Calgary, AB T2W   2S6

Or using: Online secure donation, by clicking below on the "Support the theatre"

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