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Last attempt (Russian Theatre Calgary)


Tiger (Russian Theatre Calgary)


The Bear. The Night Before Trial. Proposal. (Russian Theatre Calgary)


Production based on three one-act plays by Anton Chekhov, a world-known Russian playwright.

Go, Kitten! (RTC Teenage Studio)


Cast (in the order of appearances)
Pot - Sasha Zabravka
Kitten - Ira Korovina
Hat - Vika Burgess
Little Carp - Tim Gubsky
Moth - Miron Nekhoroshkov
Fly - Lena Yermolayeva
Shoe - Albert Morozov
Dandelion - Emily Gubskaya
Mouse - Polina Paschuk
Big Cat - Sasha Kryzhanovsky
Thistles - Masha and Polina Paschuk

Director - V. Paschuk
Costumes - L. Paschuk

Thanks for Alex Verkhovsky and Sergey Yermolaev for recording the song.

Thanks to West Canadian company for support in publishing materials.

Special thanks to the parents of our actors for their cooperation in production.

Andrey Zinchuk writes for a long time in various genres. However when he looked back to the end of 70s, when his play "Go, Kitten!" was written, he realized that all those years the "kitten" lived his own life, separate from its master. Many theaters produced the play in many cities of an enormous and now non-existent USSR. By chance the playwright found out about new adventures of his kitten, and some of the adventures passed him by.

Two decades of stage career is an impressive term for a children's story. And yet today a few theatrical studios still plan to produce the play. Including (with author's permission) a Children's Studio of Russian Theatre Calgary.

The Studio holds preliminary signing for the next year's program. Please call: 403-246-2374 until June 30th.

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