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Vision Statement

Russian Theatre Foundation of Calgary is to create a spirit of teamwork and cooperation as we bring live theatre to everyone in our community. We see a community theatre that unites as it delights, and educates as it entertains.

The company has commissioned, developed, and presented of original works for the stage and evening shows, providing opportunities and a public platform for playwrights to showcase their work. Our productions were staged in various locations through Calgary and Edmonton.

Our partnerships with diverse community groups have built an inclusive atmosphere surrounding our operations. RTFC reaches the hearts and minds of our audiences through the presentation of theatrical work that speaks directly to where we live.

RTFC shall be responsive to the needs of the community that supports and nurtures our growth by providing benefits and fundraisers as charitable contributions.

Russian Theatre of Calgary provides continuity of Russian culture abroad through giving to the younger generations of Albertans’ a feeling of involvement to the Great Russian culture. Our vision is for a growing, creative theatre company closely in touch with the needs and desires of its various audiences.

As a result, RTFC’s audience will grow to encompass all of the adults, youth and children of Alberta. To accomplish our enlarged vision, RTFC will continue to rely upon a wide range of volunteers as a foundation for its efforts.

An intense marketing and communications program will ensure that everyone in Calgary and Edmonton is aware of, and encouraged to participate in.

Workshops complete our vision for a comprehensive outreach for all ages.

In audition to its traditional range of plays, RTC will expand its offering to:

  1. Progressive/mature/innovative subject matter and original productions;
  2. A fun and exciting Children’s/Youth Theatre Program;

We see a community theatre that is vibrant, viable and receptive to the community as it changes and grows with each generation.

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