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March 21, 2016


Russian Theatre Calgary in One Act Play Festival

On March 18th Russian theatre took part in Calgary One-Act Play festival for the third time. This year we decided to show Russian classics, and chose world reknowed playwright Anton Chekhov and his short story "The Proposal". The play is about a 35-year old guy, who asks father for a hand of his daughter in marriage. The father happily agrees, but the dialogue with the daughter goes a little awry. And it all ends well!

The audience was laughing non-stop for the whole duration of this 40-minute performance. And at the end of the evening the Russian Theatre Calgary received a very warm adjudication from Calgary theatrical celebrity Sharon Pollock. She mentioned well-directed performance, professional sets, and natural flow of the story. She also supported her speech with the prize for Outstanding Female Actor that she presented to the Russian Theatre.

We always enjoy expanding our horizons and show our work to broader audience, when performing in English. 

A big thanks to all volunteers who selflessly helped us in getting ready for the fesival and made this project happen! Take a bow!

February 03, 2016

The Proposal by Anton Chekhov

The Proposal: ageless Russian classic on Canadian stage!

Russian Theatre Calgary once again will take part in Calgary One-Act Play Festival, and this time we chose a wonderful play by a genius playwright Anton Chekhov, The Proposal. 

A funny, touching and educating short story about two young people at the time of a marriage proposal, where everything that can go wrong... goes wrong. The audience will laugh out loud following this simple yet incredibly well-written anecdote. 

This play was successfully performed by Russian Theatre's actors in Calgary and in Edmonton, but it is a first performance in English, which, in our opinion makes it even more interesting: Russian actors, Russian play, English language, Russian accents. 

We hope to see a lot of people in the audience to support our theatre and to enjoy this ageless classic by one and only - Anton Chekhov!

The One-Act Play Festival will be held in Pumphouse theatre from 16th to 19th of March. For more information and tickets please visit: www.pumphousetheatre.ca

July 05, 2015


Russian Theatre Calgary has started rehearsals of a new play "The Lesson in the Art of Drama". The play will be performed on November 20th, 2015 at 6pm in the Engineered Air Theater (Epcor Centre). The performance will be in Russian only.

The play is about prisoners during World War II, who were arrested for political reasons by Stalin's administration. The brilliant play by Victor Levashov talks about talented people of theatre in prison one month before the victory. The play is about people, battle of characters, relationships and love of theater that is bigger than life. 

The whole team of Russian Theatre Calgary works very hard to show the importance of remembering the past, remembering the people who suffered for no reason. We also want to show that it's impossible to kill humanity in people no matter what. This play is very important to us all, therefore the rehearsals are intense and filled with heated discussions about how the characters of the play should be portraited. That makes coming to rehearsals and working on the roles much more interesting. The director of Russian Theatre and of this play is Valery Paschuk. 

Russian Theatre Calgary: we love our audience and do our best to produce outstanding performances. 

April 27, 2014


Forbidden to the Public: despite the name (or may be because of it), the tickets were sold out!!!

Russian Theatre Calgary has worked on this play by playwright Jean Marcan for a long time. It was the biggest production so far, and involved a lot of people to get this play going. 9 actors with two-three changes of costumes each, big set reflecting the 50s in France.... everything was a challenge. And it is definitely a success at the end. 

Forbidden to the Public is a play about what's going on behind the curtains of a small French theatre. As it turns out, it didn't have to take place in France, it could be anywhere, because people are people, and people of theatre are the same everywhere. When theatre's producer Ervet Montagne decides to do a new play, he wants to do it his way. However, the scandals, relationships, family, frendships, love and affairs create a lot of obstacles and hilarious situations while Ervet's production is being worked on. 

The audience laughed out loud without stopping for 2.5 hours, and gave very positive feedback after the play was over. 

The Russian Theatre really enjoyed rehearsing and preparing for this play, and found quite a few resemblances with situtations written by Jean Marcan. But that info is.... forbidden to the public!

March 13, 2014


The Russian Theatre Foundation is happy to announce its debut participation in Calgary One-Act Play Festival. We will show 'The Tiger', a play by Murray Schisgal. 

'The Tiger' takes place in New York, in 1960s, and tells a story about a guy who decided to kidnap a random woman to get her following his orders. Although his plan worked out, and he did bring her to his apartment, the rest of the night was not going according to his plans. Two strangers locked in one place for the duration of one night - anything can happen! 

This deep, philosophical, psychological and somehow romantic play got Iana Best and Dmitry Nekhoroshkov interested from the first read. The development of the relationship between two people became a challenging but very rewarding experience for both actors. The play has been performed 4 times, and every time the characters of Ben and Gloria were shown with some new interesting angles. Both Iana and Dmitry believe that this play has a lot of depth in it, and a lot of layers, and perhaps something new and exciting will also be discovered during the new rehearsals and at the festival. 

The director, Valery Paschuk, loves 'The Tiger' with all his heart. Valery believes that Murray Schisgal is as modern today as he was in the 60s. Like any genius playwright, Schisgal discusses issues that will always be interesting for any generation in any century: life in a society, loneliness, love, hatred, social attitudes and of course the relationships between a man and a woman. 

The Russian Theatre Calgary sincerely hopes that everyone who chose to come to the Wright Theatre on March 29, 2014 at 7:30 pm will enjoy the play and at the very least will be amused and entertained! We'll see you there!!!


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